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Crowd Barriers

These lightweight barriers can be used in a wide variety of locations and help direct and control pedestrian traffic. They have angled feet for extra stability and are quick and easy to install.
They are ideal for low to medium crowds and come in a standard size of 2.3m wide x 1m high. Great also for branding purposes.

1.5m Heavy Duty BARRIERS
The 1.5 metre steel temporary barrier system, suitable for high crowd control.
The heavy duty 1.5m barrier is ideal for use at demonstrations, music concerts, film premieres or any other event where high security is needed and medium to heavy crowd numbers are expected. Great also for branding purposes.

The Concord Barrier is a 3 metre wide steel barrier system, suitable for low to medium crowd control.
The barriers are ideally suited for general demarcation for outdoor shows and mass participation events. With a unique angled design, not only are they safe, quick to deploy and easy to manage, but also offer great advertising and branding opportunities due to the large front mesh area that measures 3m x 1m.

Front of Stage Barriers
An A Frame design with an upright panel that locks into the base and is then supported at the rear by two diagonal legs. Quick set up is facilitated by location pins. The sections then just require one bolt to connect to the next barrier and so on. Once erected stability is provided by the crowd combined weight by standing on the aluminium footplate.
At the rear of the upright is a step that is attached between the two diagonal legs giving security staff the opportunity to stand up and onto to look over the crowd and access them if need be. The Front of Stage Barrier comes with an array of bolt on accessories consisting of pedestrian and vehicle gates, flexible corner sections and cable panels allowing power, audio and video to be Ideal laid under and through without any damage to the vulnerable and expensive wires.

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